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Welcome to Daril Pacinella's Golf Academy on the Web!

At Daril Pacinella's Golf Academy we are setting the standard for quality golf instruction. As the founder and an award-winning golf instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience, I'm committed to excellence in golf instruction. 

While attending my golf academy you'll learn to improve your game and become your own coach. And when you leave the lesson tee you'll possess the skills necessary to continue to improve your game.

At Daril Pacinella's Golf Academy you'll receive a customized program tailored to your skill level, your needs and the time you have available to work on your desired outcome. 

My programs focus on all aspects of golf - full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, mental preparation and course strategy. You'll learn how to analyze the flight of your golf ball, and we'll help you understand how to best work on your game. With the use of high-tech video analysis equipment you'll gain full understanding of your improvement needs.

Whether you're just starting to play golf, or you're an accomplished player in need of a simple tune up, or maybe you're just fine tuning your skills to compete for your club championship, my programs are designed with your individual goals in mind. At Daril Pacinella's Golf Academy you'll enjoy learning new skills and you'll leave with a prescription for continued improvement.

The Academy is located at the beautiful Longhi's Golf Range in Southwick, MA where our executive 9-hole golf course challenges golfers at all levels. It's a great place to learn all the shots! Longhi Golf Range is family-owned and operated, and the Longhi family takes great pride in their facility. If you've been to Longhis you already know its the best practice facility in Massachusetts. If you haven't been here, make a trip out. You won't be disappointed! Pull carts and gas carts are available along with special junior and senior rates.

For more information please contact:

Daril Pacinella
(413) 531-7469

or visit the Academy at Longhi's Golf Range in Southwick, MA

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